Aarna Capital is a multi-asset brokerage firm

Operating from Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) and offering customers access to futures, options, FX, Bullion, equities, CFDs and fixed income products.

From our headquarters, we combine the talent and experience of our hands-on traders with the innovative electronic platform, global liquidity network, and high-speed market infrastructure. Our customers have access to liquidity from hundreds of exchanges and venue destinations globally across every developed and most emerging market and a majority of frontier markets. This includes all of the major electronic liquidity providers, multilateral trading facilities, and proprietary liquidity pools.

We strongly believe in independence of
financial intermediary.

Full independence and absence of associated conflict of interest could only be achieved when the firm itself does not carry any proprietary interest in the same business area as its customers. Aarna Capital is not take any risk taking, principal dealing activity or act as a market of last resort. All the activities that we are engaged into would be in the spirit of agency model.

We are proud of our disciplined management focus on financial and risk management control, robust effective corporate governance and a strong compliance culture.


The financial services regulatory framework for the Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) aims to, taking the best of different models for regulation applicable in Europe, the US, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong, reflect current international best practice. The framework is derived primarily from the UK’s financial regulatory framework.